A Jupe Table

In a sustainably sourced mahogany and satinwood.

Our international private client commissioned this exciting project with us, knowing we will deliver to his exacting standards.

There is only one standard, an exceptional standard.

Each elliptical leaf has a corresponding roman numeral to the underside, so each leaf fits perfectly to the next leaf.

Small timber slides with antique brass drops pull out and form a rest for each leaf.

Four hand turned columns drift down to a splayed and reeded base, the antique paw cup and castors, allow for gently movement of the entire table.

A double Satinwood banding encircles the top perimeters and a central star gives a focal point, traditionally hand polished with an added patina to the finish to give a feel of era and charm.

Carefully shipped by professional and now proudly sits in the home of our international private clients dining room.

Creating exclusive pieces for high-end interior designers and private clients alike, who value superior quality and have a desire for uniqueness.