Finishes & Services

Design and drawings
Working closely with our clients visualising their ideas into drawings and models, giving a full and clear impression of their finished piece.

Timbers and veneers
Offering a wealth of sustainable timbers and veneers, from a clean straight grain to beautiful burrs.
Tabu veneers are particularly ‘in’ offering a wealth of textures and an abundance of dyed colours.

Working closely with our glass company, we can produce a stunning selection of finishes, stencil etching and framed pressed panels, clear and coloured glass, all individual and unlimited.

Granite, marble, neolith and faux marbling
Making a beautiful contrast combining timbers with marbles and granites, using the captivatingly deep inconsistent veining in the marble or the more uniformed and consistent marbling in the Neolith.


We offer a range of finishes from French polishing which became prominent in the 18th century, in the Victorian era to protect and preserve the wood’s natural beauty. This soft finish, results in a very high gloss surface and used when replicating antique furniture.

Spray metal coating, with textured or smooth finish
A pre-catalyst is a modern-day finish used for indoor furniture on domestic and light use furniture and often requested for its toughness and durability.

Artistic blacksmithing
Working closely with our artist blacksmith, achieve the most complex designs in a number of favoured metals, individually chosen for their own specific properties.

Carving and gilding
Carving and gilding, a vast selection of hand chisels, all in place and to hand, one for every detailed cut.

Resin and casting
Resin in wood is becoming increasingly popular, and offer a variety of colours, transparencies and finishes.

Casting moulds can be created by engraving and creating an impression, casts taken from the moulds to create repeating copies.

Often the word ‘Marquetry’ portrays an antique piece in one’s mind, but marquetry is at the hand of the designer, using contemporary designs and materials such as the vibrant dyed colours of mother of Pearl some astounding creations can be achieved.

Ormolu is an art of applying finely ground high-carat gold to a metal object of decoration French cabinetmaker André-Charles Boulle who perfected the art of brass and tortoiseshell marquetry to the extent that the technique is now associated with his name during the reign of Louis XIV