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Richard Woolf of McDaniel Woolf, Chartered Architects in Richmond, approached us with a proposal of various bespoke pieces to sit within St Andrews Church, Ham.

Having worked with Richard previously we knew his passion of purity and correctness in design and making, he requested the pieces be made traditional by a cabinetmaker, using hand tools and skills and not via a computer programmed CNC, which sadly seems to have overrode these sought after hand skills.


Written in the Churchwardens’ report on the fabric & furnishings of the St Andrews Church, Ham.

‘The last year has seen further progress of the West End development with the installation of furniture sympathetically designed by our outgoing chair of Building and Works, Richard Woolf, and beautifully built and fitted by John Beavan of Tenbury Wells, Worcestershire.  The sidespeoples’ mobile bookstands arrived in May 2016 and the fixed cupboards and noticeboards in January 2017.  As well as being functional these items display the highest quality craftsmanship and complement not only the space in which they stand but are the equal of some of the best of the work produced for Saint Andrew’s over many decades.’