Luxury Furniture Makers UK

John Beavan was inspired by woodwork and from a very early age. John’s talents unfolded during his woodwork lessons at school and then fully realized when John started formal training at Shrewsbury College of Art and Design.

John’s expert cabinet maker skills have been mastered through years of making, using antiquated hand tools and age-old methods. Every piece of work is meticulously handmade, implementing, exacting precision, involving gold-leafing, carving and marquetry. Each piece becomes a unique and individual ‘sculptural work of art’ which makes his furniture sought-after and valuable.

Years of experience has enabled John to achieve sympathetic replications of historical pieces and contemporary “state of the art” contemporary models.

John has been commissioned by some of the most inventive of characters, nobility, a variety of private clients, interior designers and architects throughout his working life.

Collections of note and value were reproductions of history’s most defined and detailed Regency furniture pieces. This included elements for the outstanding private Regency collection in Southill Park, Bedfordshire. Some of these pieces were sold at Sotheby’s auctions London and later at Christies, New York.

Adding value to collection pieces by careful restoration and reproduction has hailed John Beavan as a noted cabinet maker of the 21st century and ‘one of England’s finest cabinetmakers’ (Duke of Richmond).

John enjoys meeting his clients, with a view to creating their visions. Commissions involve close and sensitive collaboration with each client to give a clear vision of the feel and look of a finished piece. Scaled drawings and models together with samples of veneers, metals and other material samples, give each client a full impression of how their finished furniture will be.